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Q: What is HOSA, and is it specific to UW-Madison?


A: In the late 1950s, a rapidly advancing healthcare industry demanded that students coming out of college be educated regarding the vast array of professional career opportunities. After several years of federal movements and passed legislation, a single national organization was formed in 1974; HOSA was born! It’s now an international organization that promotes career opportunities in the healthcare industry and enhances the delivery of quality healthcare to all people. With over 200,000 members in all 50 states and almost 10 countries, it’s one of the largest healthcare student orgs in the world. We are proud to be the UW-Madison chapter!


Q: What type of events has HOSA hosted in the past?


A: HOSA hosts a huge variety of events throughout the semester that you can choose from. We can almost guarantee there will be a few events that will spark your interest. And if not, join a committee so you can help plan events. There are a couple of large events HOSA holds which are the All Campus Healthcare Symposium which has a variety of panels of professional speakers and allow for great networking. We also co-host Trots 4 Tots which is a 5K for the American Family Children’s Hospital. In addition to these more professional events we also have hosted large scale socials at state street brats and comedy clubs. HOSA also hosts tons of small events for professional development such as resume classes, mock interviews, mock hospitals and informational sessions about applying to medical school, nursing school, PA school and more.


Q: How many students are in the HOSA-UW chapter?


A: This number varies from semester to semester but since HOSA is not exclusive to certain pre-health emphasis or majors we have found that our organization is relatively large. This semester at our first meeting we had close to 400 people. However, typically there is roughly 200 HOSA members per semester.

Q: How do I obtain active membership as a HOSA member?


A: For details on different types of membership click here!

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions about my tracker, membership, dues, or event points?


A: Your friendly neighborhood Communications Coordinators! You can catch us around campus, track us down after any general meeting, or by email us at


Q: What if I have a conflict with the general meeting times?


A: Great news, you can still be in HOSA!  We have an alternate membership option called associated member. You can learn more about become an associate member by clicking here or by emailing

Q: How can I obtain a leadership position within HOSA?

A: If you are looking to be a leader we would recommend joining one of the HOSA committees which are listed here. You can also apply to be on the executive board in April each year. More information will be available during spring semester!

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