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​HOSA-UW is broken up into two branches: Public Relations and Human Resources.  Each branch has a distinct set of committees.  In addition to our six committees, we also have dedicated student and professional advisors.  Click here to find out more about the individual members of the HOSA Executive Board.

Anna Hinz and Katelyn Young
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Student Advisors

Maya Mollgaard
Anna Williams

Description: As directors, we will do everything we can to make sure your HOSA experience is a great one! You'll see us around at general meetings, office hours, and various HOSA events. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you, and we look forward to meeting you this year!


Description: As student advisors we are here to help with anything and everything, including but not limited to: career advice, class advice, UW questions, and life in general. We are so excited to be launching a ton of new resources this year that we think you will love! 

Contact Info:


Below you can find a description and contact information for each of our committees.  If you would like to join a specific committee, simply email the designated co-chair.  Click here to find out more about the individual members of the HOSA Executive Board.

Public Relations

Communication Coordinator

Sara Hoffman

Meetings: Tuesdays 7-8 pm opposite GM weeks

Description: As the Community Relations Committee, we keep track of all membership details on the HOSA tracker such as event points, social points, and general meeting points. We collect dues, regulate t-shirt distribution, and manage the HOSA UW website and social media.

Contact Info:

Special Events

Ramona Kick,
Olivia Schmitz,
and Diamond Wimbley

Meetings: Wednesdays opposite GM, 7-7:30

Description: Special Events is a committee that plans HOSA’s two big events- ACHS in the fall and Trot for Tots in the spring. All Campus Healthcare Symposium (ACHS) is a campus-wide conference that brings together healthcare professionals from all fields (doctors, nurses, PAs, PT’s etc.) and pre-health students. The goal of ACHS is to give undergraduates insight into which fields they’d like to pursue and what will be the best fit for them. Trot for Tots is a charity 5k run that benefits the American Family Children’s Hospital. HOSA members, Madison students, and community members team up for a morning of running, food, and fun!

Contact Info:

Campus & Community Relations

Lucy Minner, Emma Bode, and
Katelyn Drake

Meetings: Wednesdays, immediately following GMs, 7-7:30pm

Description: Campus Relations fosters campus outreach, including partnerships with other student organizations. A few of our major events include Homecoming Week, the Dance Marathon, and Relay for Life. As committee members, we focus on creating awareness for UW-HOSA and health-related issues through active and open collaboration. We look forward to building a community within our committee as well as throughout the university!

Contact Info:

National Affiliation


Meetings: Mondays opposite week of GM 6-7 pm (Location TBD) 

Description: The Affiliation Committee focuses on collaborating with Wisconsin and National HOSA through various projects, including the Wisconsin Regional and State Conferences, the National Service Project, and working with previous HOSA alumni! We also work with local high school chapters, helping high school HOSA members with competition and engaging them with UW HOSA.

Contact Info:

Human Resources

Interdisciplinary Development

Anna Turdo and
Preethi Saravanan

Meetings: Thursday's 4-4:30 pm

Description: Interdisciplinary Development works to provide HOSA members opportunities to interact with healthcare professionals in the field that they aspire to be in. We will organize numerous panels this semester consisting of grad students, professors, staff and health professionals with various purposes. Purposes of each panel can range from Q&A sessions to performing team working exercises between healthcare professionals. This will give HOSA members the opportunity to explore future career interests.

Contact Info:

Professional Development

Eliza Loechl and Becca Warzyn

Meetings: Tuesday's 5:30-6:30 pm in the SAC room 4001

Description:  The Professional Development committee focuses on providing HOSA members with the resources and experiences, around campus, needed to pursue their future goals and healthcare careers. Members of PD will learn the skills necessary to succeed in the professional healthcare setting as well as be offered the opportunity to foster their leadership skills through planning and organizing committee events, and advertising these events to the other members of HOSA.

Contact Info:


Shree Dudhat &
Joseph Robey

Meetings: Wednesdays immediately following GMs, 7-7:30pm

Description: Description: Internal Affairs aims to create a friendly atmosphere for HOSA members. As a committee, we plan several different socials to allow people to come together and get to know each other outside of the meetings. Past socials have included a formal at State Street Brats, ice-skating at the Shell, and trivia night. We look forward to welcoming new members along with their creative ideas! 

Contact Info:

 Global and Public Health Committee

MJ Joseph, 
Alayna Tucker, and Julie Jones

Meeting: Fridays 4:30-5:30, 4001 Student Activity Center

Description: The Global and Public Health Committee provides events which increase UW-HOSA’s involvement with public health issues. Our goal is to collaborate with public health organizations for educational and involvement opportunities for HOSA students. We organize educational sessions about public health topics, informational events on sustainable and ethical global health involvement, and opportunities to volunteer with local public health efforts.  

Contact info:

Freshman Representatives


Description: The Freshman Representatives are really here to help create a community feeling by going out of their way to meet other members and help them feel more connected in the club. The Freshman Representatives are the face for the incoming HOSA members and act as a point of contact for them as well.

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