Below you can find out more information about the HOSA Executive Board.

Abby Laskowski

Hi friends! My name is Abby and I am your Vice President for the 2021-2022 school year! This year I will be a senior in my second year in the Nursing Program. I’m super passionate about labor and delivery and hope to one day open my own Midwifery practice. I have been in HOSA since my freshman year, so this will be fifth (and final ) year with this wonderful club! My favorite parts of HOSA have been the opportunities offered through the club and the relationships built with students who share the same passion for healthcare as me. As Vice President, I hope to provide our members with informative resources to allow them to be the best healthcare providers they can be!

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Anton Tung

Hey HOSA! My name is Anton, and I am a senior this year majoring in Biochemistry, with certificates in Global Health and Environmental Science. I'm working to apply to MD/PhD programs, with an overall goal to be a physician-scientist. If you have any questions about classes, research, volunteering, or anything else, feel free to reach out! 

Shree Dudhat

Hi HOSA! I'm Shree and I am a junior majoring in Biology and Art History on a pre-med track with a certificate in Classical Studies. I plan on attending medical school after graduating; I want to be a pediatrician because I love working with kids! This is my third year as a HOSA member, and I'm so excited to be co-chair for the Internal Affairs Committee! My favorite thing about HOSA is the connections I've been able to make because of it. Whether they're professional or personal relations, HOSA has given me the opportunity to meet so many new people and learn all about the different aspects of healthcare. I can't wait to have an amazing year with you all!

Nitin Somasundaram

Hi! I'm Nitin, and I'm a senior majoring in neurobiology with a global health certificate and Biocore certificate. I aspire to be a physician in the future. This year I am one of the HOSA Communication coordinators! I love how HOSA has connected me with other pre-health students with similar interests and has given me many opportunities to learn more about health careers. Looking forward to meeting everyone this year!

Rachel Sanderfoot

Hi HOSA! My name is Rachel, and I am a co-chair on the Professional Development committee. I am a senior and am majoring in Neurobiology with certificates in Promoting Activity for Diverse Abilities and Leadership. I aim to attend medical school in the future and am very interested in dermatology! I love HOSA because it has helped me grow as a pre-health student through creating opportunities and experiences related to future health care career goals. HOSA and the PD committee supply students with tools to learn and succeed throughout their pre-health journey. HOSA is a great way to form connections with peers and professionals around you!

Lucy Minner

Hey HOSA! My name is Lucy Minner, and I am a junior studying Biology and Spanish, with a certificate in the Biocore Honors Curriculum program. This year I am one of the co-chairs for the Campus Relations committee! In the future, I am interested in a career as either a Physician Assistant or a Physical Therapist. My favorite part about HOSA is getting the opportunity to learn from professionals in so many different areas in the healthcare field, and hear about their experiences and pieces of advice that they have for us. I can’t wait to meet everybody!

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Kylie Nennig

Hi HOSA! My name Kylie Nennig and I am a senior majoring in Biology with a certificate in Gender and Women’s Studies. In the future, I hope to attend a Pathologists’ Assistant Program. I have been both a HOSA member and committee member since my sophomore year, but this is my first year as a co-chair of the Professional Development Committee. My favorite aspects of HOSA thus far have been the leadership skills as well as the self-confidence that it has allowed me to develop. I’m looking forward to another really great year!

Maya Mollgaard

Hi HOSA!! My name is Maya Mollgaard and I am a junior nursing student with a global health certificate. I am student advisor this year. Someday I hope to become a Nurse Anesthetist. I have done HOSA all throughout high school and have loved continuing it in college. My favorite thing about it is how much I have learned about the medical field. Some things I love to do are bake, travel, spend time at my cabin, and with friends and family. Can’t wait for a great year!  Please reach out with any questions about HOSA, nursing, or anything at all! (: 

Anna Hinz

Hey HOSA! My name is Anna Hinz and I am a junior nursing student with a global health certificate. I am the co-chair for the affiliation committee this year.  I think I want an advanced nursing degree, but the door is always open to new options. My bucket list consists of visiting all 62 national parks as well as traveling as much as I can.  My next favorite pastimes are reading and going up to the lake.  I can't wait to meet you!

Anna Turdo

Hey HOSA! My name is Anna Turdo, and I am one of the co-chairs for the Interdisciplinary Development committee! I’m currently a junior majoring in Biochemistry with a certificate in Biocore Curriculum Honors, and in the future, I would like to work as either a pediatrician or a physician assistant. My favorite parts of HOSA are getting to listen to different healthcare professionals share more about their careers and experiences and getting to meet a bunch of pre-health students. I’m super excited for another year HOSA, and I can’t wait to meet everyone!

Alina Hampton

Hello everyone! My name is Alina Hampton and I am a senior here at UW-Madison. I am majoring in Biology with a certificate in Global Health and hoping to become a pediatrician one day! This is my fourth year in HOSA, and this year I am the President. I believe that the best thing about HOSA is that it opens up your opportunities. Without HOSA, I wouldn’t be able to experience a job shadow with a UW physician or become a certified phlebotomist. HOSA allows you to explore your options in the Pre-Health world and it’s a great place to be!

Katelyn Drake

Hey HOSA! My name is Katelyn, and I am co-chair of the Campus Relations Committee. I am a Pre-Nursing major with a certificate in Global Health. I am applying to the School of Nursing and hope to begin my nursing career as a registered nurse and one day move into the position of a nurse educator or nurse practitioner. HOSA has already presented me with great opportunities to learn and grow as a future medical professional and I look forward to all the incredible events and opportunities that are in store for HOSA and its members. I am so excited to meet everyone in person and for a great year!

Ramona Kick

Hi! My name is Mona, I'm a junior majoring in Biology and Spanish with a certificate in global health. I intend on going to PA school in the future. I'm interested in pediatrics and women's health. This year I am a communication coordinator! I'm also a member of the global health committee. I love how HOSA has something for everyone interested in health care! I look forward to getting to know everyone this year!

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MJ Joseph

Hello everyone! My name is MJ Joseph and I am a junior Nursing student with a global health certificate! I am a co-chair for the global health committee again this year! My future career goal is to get my DNP in acute care (with a future of serving with Doctors Without Borders)! I have been in HOSA for two and a half years now and I have to say it is my favorite pre-health org! In my free time I like watching dramas as well as reading and playing soccer! I cannot wait to meet each of you, feel free to reach out with any questions you might have about school, the nursing application if you’re thinking about going the pre-nursing route, or if you just need someone to chat about school with! :) 

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Sarah Becker

Hi! I'm Sarah, and I'm a junior majoring in biology with a global health certificate. I'm planning on going to medical school and/or pursuing an MPH in the near future, but haven't decided on a specific career path yet. This year I am a co-chair for the Inderdisciplanry Development committee! I love how HOSA has connected me with other pre-health students in a setting where we hear from medical professionals to help explore our interests. Looking forward to learning more about the medical field with everyone this year!